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Bricolla’s tour



MOUNTAIN BIKE guided tour

Departure from Agno FLP station
Physical level: 2
Technical level: 2
Duration: 4 – 6 h

Guided tour of Bricolla by MTB. Bricolla is a heavy bag that the smugglers carried on their shoulders and they crossed the Italy/Swiss borders without being seen by the guards.
This type of (illegal) activity was very prosperous since the post-war years up to the 1970s. The goods transported were mainly cigarettes and alcohol.
By MTB we will go along the old footpaths used by smugglers and that today can be considered a paradise for bikers in our region.
As we are going to pass the Italy border it’s better to take the ID card in case we are controlled by the smugglers borders guards.

Length 30 km difference in height 900